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 “OM is the boat that enables one to cross the river of fear”. “Om is the creative power in evolution”.  “OM is the sound of true love”, all other mantras emerge and recede back into the Supreme Mantra.  Its form and power are certainly worth knowing and perfecting.

“Om is the Symbol
of the Absolute”

Manduka Upanishad





Yoga Teacher Training, Melbourne



Monday 11th February, 2019

Saturday 16th February, 2019


The Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training is one of Melbourne’s most well established Yoga Schools with almost 25 years of experience in Yoga Teaching and Yoga Teacher Training..


The VIYETT organization was founded by Maya Hansajati and has been established to provide quality education and training in all areas of Yoga and to promote the positive health benefits of yoga throughout the community. The school is centrally located in the Melbourne Bayside area of Hampton.


In addition to our Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Studies Courses  we conduct general Hatha Yoga classes, Dynamic Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Mother and Baby Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Teenage Yoga, Mature Age Yoga Classes, Meditation Classes, and a series of short courses and workshops.  All of the Yoga Instructors at VIYETT have a high level of expertise and experience in their specialized fields and are required to attend regular professional development trainings to update their knowledge and skills.

The aim of VIYETT is to provide educational programs that will assist those who currently practice yoga to gain a deeper understanding and experience of the many faceted paths and disciplines associated with yoga. We also aim to provide quality education and training for individuals wishing to expand their experience and knowledge of yoga and for those who wish to pursue a career as a professional Yoga Teacher.

All teachers and staff at VIYETT are committed to meeting the training standards and guidlines as set out by Yoga Australia and aim to offer the highest standard of Education and Training in the field of Yoga Teacher Training. The Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training is a registered yoga teacher training school with Yoga Australia.

The Director of VIYETT Maya Hansajati is a Senior Level 3 Yoga Teacher/Trainer and is registered with Yoga Australia.

We have a number of dedicated professional Yoga Teacher/Trainers who look forward to guiding you on your exciting new journey.

We are currently accepting enrolments for our February, 2019 Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Yoga Studies Courses. If you would like to find out more information about our courses or make an appointment to discuss your study options please telephone us on (03) 95331347



"VIYETT Industry Leaders in Yoga Education and Teacher Training"





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Lead me from the
unreal to the real,
From darkness
to light,
From death to immortality.
May all beings
be happy,
May all beings attain oneness,
May all beings attain fulfillment,
May all beings
be peaceful,
May all beings
be free.

Om Shanti